SIVO Festival SIVO Festival
SIVO Festival
3 t/m 7 augustus 2016

De Goorns 28
7873 AM Odoorn

SIVO Festival
Postbus 5
7873 ZG Odoorn

SIVO Festival
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1.The festival takes place every year, during the 31st  week (around August 1st), starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday.

2.Groups have to arrive on Tuesday before and leave on Monday after the festival.

3.The festival hosts about 18 foreign groups as well as 5 Dutch groups.




1.A participating group should have 10-36 members (incl. musicians, leaders, driver(s), etc.).

2.It's a problem to find lodging for young children (0-16 years), so SIVO can't accept children in the group.

3.'Tourists' (members who have nothing to do with the performances of the group) are not accepted. We do not accept them to stay in our host families and SIVO will not take care of them. They will have to pay themselves for their own costs.

4.The group should dance to 'live music'; recorded music is not accepted.

5.Each group will be accompanied by two SIVO-host(esse)s during the festival.




There are three kinds of performances during the festival:

1.Dance-round: all the groups dance on 5 stages in the open air.

2.These dance-rounds are from 14.00-16.00 on Saturday and Sunday and from 19.30-21.00 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So there are two dance-rounds on Saturday.

3.When a group has to dance at the evening Gala,they don't have to participate in the danceround of that very evening (19.30-21.00)

4.Third we have 'last round' dances, which take place on two sheltered stages, from 21.00-22.30.

5.Each group will perform once  at the 'gala' and once at the 'last round'.

6.There is no electricity available on the stages (no amplification!), except the one in the tent.

7.The audience are quite close around the stages in the open air!.




1.The members of each group will stay at guestfamilies in Odoorn and in the surrounding villages.

2.Two people have to stay with one family; the leader of the group is asked to divide the members into 'couples'.

3.During the week each member of the group is a member of the family, respecting the rules of the house.

4.Guest families are not being paid for their hospitality.




1.The costs of transport to and from Holland are at the expenses of the group; SIVO can only contribute a little in these costs. (about € 250,--).

2.The costs of lodging, meals, drinks, excursion are at the expenses of SIVO.




1.Groups participate in the SIVO Festival at their own risk.

2.Groups have to be insured against all risks of life: illness, hospitalization, accidents. etc.

3.SIVO will take no responsibility to any financial or other consequences regarding the risks we mentioned.

4.There is First Aid during the performances for small accidents, etc.; which is free of charge.

5.SIVO has taken and will take all precautions to avoid any unnecessary risks for the participants as well as the audience and the SIVO workers.




1.SIVO respects all opinions concerning religion and politics;
2.Groups can participate, independently of their religious and/or political background.

3.Nevertheless SIVO does not allow any religious or political activity in the dance area.

4.On Sunday (last day of the festival) there is a special SIVO Service at the local church; groups can attend this ecumenical meeting or join in when they are asked to do so by the local vicar.




1.Any activity, either from any individual or any group, that could harm the festival is not allowed.

2.SIVO will take measures if necessary.




1.In situations which are not covered by these 'Conditions' SIVO will reserve the rights to make its own decision.

2.If necessary or requested, SIVO will consult individuals and/or groups that are involved.




1.By participating in the festival a group has to accept these conditions of the festival.

2.The leaders of the group are kindly but urgently requested to inform the members of their group about these conditions!!!

SIVO Festival

SIVO Festival